Documents for reference:

  1. Case Status: Docket Sheet
  2. Order & First Amended Complaint
  3. First Amended Complaint 143-167
  4. Plaintiffs’ Counter Statement of Facts in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment
  5. Plaintiff’s Opposition to RF Defendants’ Motion for Final Summary Judgment
  6. Order Granting Partial Summary Judgment
  7. Initial Brief

Since 2021, Tommy has been fighting for truth and justice in a lawsuit he filed against progressive activists and the media over the fake Netflix® “documentary” Immigration Nation, which falsely accuses Tommy of stealing money from and exploiting undocumented immigrant construction workers after Hurricane Michael.  You can read about the lawsuit HERE.

Immigration Nation

Immigration Nation was released on Netflix® in October 2020 to sway public opinion on immigration policies heading into the 2020 election.  One episode of the series contains a fabricated storyline and staged scenes that falsely depict Tommy as being engaged in “wage theft” and threatening undocumented immigrant workers with arrest and deportation.  Viewers, including residents of Bay County, were deceived into believing this so-called “documentary” contains real footage captured as events unfolded in Panama City after Hurricane Michael in 2018, but the false depiction of Tommy was actually created using deceptively edited footage of staged and scripted fictional scenes, supposed “workers” who were actually paid and trained to appear in the show, and manipulated images of documents to falsely portray Tommy as the villain in Immigration Nation’s progressive immigration policy narrative.  You can read Tommy’s statement of facts about the case HERE.

The Harm Inflicted Against Tommy and His Family

Immigration Nation immediately resulted in intense public outrage and vicious attacks against Tommy, his family, and his business.  Among other things, Tommy was falsely labeled a “racist” and accused of “slavery,” he and his family began receiving death threats, and he and his business were targeted by coordinated online campaigns seeking to destroy and “cancel” them, have them arrested and prosecuted, and remove Tommy from office.  You can read some examples of the attacks against Tommy HERE.

The Lawsuit

Tommy filed suit over Immigration Nation in early 2021.  His claims against Netflix® and the producers of Immigration Nation remain pending.  You can read Tommy’s recently filed First Amended Complaint HERE

In September 2023, several defendants who are featured in the series were granted summary judgment based on the “actual malice” rule announced in New York Times v. Sullivan; the validity of which several members of the U.S. Supreme Court have recently questioned:

Tommy appealed this ruling, which you can read HERE, and continues to fight for truth and justice so that something like this does not happen to him or others again.