1. Personally secured a $1.5M appropriation from Tallahassee to expand the lifeline program at the Jail. Coupled with Opioid settlement money for the balance and we are building a $4.3M facility without any debt and without any direct expense to the Bay County Taxpayer.
  2. Helped lead the way to fight big pharma, we were some of the first counties to file suit in the opioid litigation suits we now are poised and in are much better shape because of that. We will have a payment stream over the next eighteen (18) years to help combat the opioid crisis.
  3. Brokered a public private partnership with Royal American to furnish bus stop shelters for the Bay Way Transit system that was worth approximately $110,000.00.
  4. Led the way to put advertising on the sides of the buses in the Bay Way Transit system. Since the inception in July 2018 to present we have brought in over $400,000.00 in revenue that can now be used for matching grants that we didn’t have prior.
  5. Voted to make Bay County a 2nd Amendment County.
  6. Voted and committed to funding the polices where our Sheriff can pay competitive wages for his men and women to provide a safer environment for our citizens and visitors alike. Voted to provide funding for a state-of-the-art helicopter, Mobile Command Center, and a Real Time Crime Center.
  7. Stood up to Big Tech Media with their quest to make Bay County a Sanctuary County for illegal immigration after Hurricane Michael.
  8. Helped lead the way to preserve our natural resources at Deer Point Lake by instituting Phase 1 of the septic to sewer program in the Deer Point Water Shed. We were able to use RESTORE funds on this project to lower the impact on the Bay County Taxpayer.
  9. Helped lead the way to re-plant seagrass beads in East Bay another project with the use of RESTORE funds.
  10. Voted to establish an Estuary Program for all of St. Andrews Bay, again using RESTORE funds doing so we can do this at no cost at all to the Bay County Taxpayer.
  11. Championing expanding our artificial reef program to create even more reasons for tourists to come visit our area. Fishing is a multi-billion dollar a year industry in Florida, I want to make sure we get our share.
  12. Voted to lower water bills on the only County Retail Water system. We have implemented a five (5) year step down approach to bringing down the cost of water to these customers
  13. Voted to end Local Preference to ensure the Bay County Taxpayer receives the most competitive responsive bid on our projects.
  14. During the wildfires I broadcasted my personal cell phone number over Bay Alert and put together a rescue plan for large animals where we put boots on the ground to rescue over 10 horses, some cattle, and a pregnant dog.
  15. Voted to make sure when an emergency happens and an ambulance is needed, that the worry of paying that bill has disappeared. A Bay County residence now can be transported at no out of expense to them.
  16. Help devise a financial model to where the Bay County Taxpayer is receiving a 39% ROI on the infrastructure sales tax, pushing our tax dollars even further. We have not and will not borrow any money against this payment stream and will continue to pay as we go in the future.
  17. Supported the TDC and championed transforming our destination into a Family Destination where bed tax as set one new record rate after the other and our crime rate is at an all-time low.
  18. Voted to build the Sports Complex to promote a family sport destination, championed the construction of the new skate park to enhance the variety of things for our youth to do.



  • Repeal the paid parking for Bay County residence at the County Pier
  • Continue to find a sustainable path forward with the beach CRA to be able to reduce the Ad- valorem in the future.
  • Continue working on a public private partnership to expand our shooting range to include the addition of a skeet and trap range. This will give our youth the ability to compete to earn college level shooting scholarships to brighten their future.
  • To expand the Sports Complex to include a hardened Resiliency Center that can serve as a multi-purpose building as a storm shelter, indoor sports, and a national level conference center that will attract businesses from all over the world.
  • Continue to support the TDC and the EDA to bring both tourism and industry to Bay County.
  • Working on an Aviation Campus out at our International Airport where we are looking at partnerships with Haney and others to create a learning environment for a students seeking a career in aviation.
  • Complete the next phases of the septic to sewer project to continue to protect our gem of a water supply for future generations.